We hope to see you and your furry friends at these fun family friendly events!

Strut Your Mutt Event

Strut Your Mutt Event


One of the ways the Town of Fairplay celebrates the 4th of July is by holding a Pet Parade and Costume Contest.  The SPGSFA is invited to participate by serving as Honorary Judges of the Contest.  There is a minor fee for participants, all of which is donated to  SPGSFA.  It is also an opportunity for the organization to display our donation box, bringing in even more donations.  Thank you Fairplay and all contestants for supporting SPGSFA!



2018 Christmas Tree Fundraiser, thanks to Park County Animal Hospital in Fairplay.

The event earned $1,000+ for South Park Good Samaritan Fund for Animals. 

Donations were given, then the donor would select an “ornament” to be placed on the tree.  The donors then wrote the names of their pets on the ornament before decorating the tree. 

It was a beautiful tree with lots of happy faces from many generous donors.

Llama Roundup

Llama Roundup


Several volunteers, including a cattleman on horseback,  helped a local rancher load up several stock trailers of llamas to be taken to Colorado State University for sterilization surgeries and vaccinations.

Dr. Kerry Madole, SPGSFA Founder

Dr. Kerry Madole, SPGSFA Founder


The town of Fairplay, CO, hosts every year on the last weekend of July an event known as Burro Days.  This event is a historical celebration of the mining history of the area, and the animals that hauled the miner’s equipment over the Mosquito mountain range trail to the mining town of Leadville.  SPGSFA participates by educating the public on the nature and differences between mules and burros.

For More Information Visit the Burro Days Website.