The South Park Good Samaritan Fund shall  provide to the South Park community a resource for assisting homeless animals, and low income families in maintaining responsible pet ownership.

Financial assistance shall be available to:

1) Provide supplement payment for veterinary assistance to qualifying families or individuals;

2) Provide non-qualifying vouchers for obtaining spay and neuter surgeries;

3) Provide emergency medical services to animals that have no apparent owner;  and

4) Provide funding for, or actual food for dogs, cats and horses in emergency situations.



Since 2004, this organization has provided assistance to South Park companion and homeless pets:  veterinary medical assistance, spay/neuter vouchers, well-pet maintenance,  and emergency food assistance.  We’ve assisted dogs, cats, mini horses, full size horses, burros, mules, llamas, rabbits, and goats.  Last year, 2015,  SPGSFA paid over $7,000 for veterinary medical assistance , and $5,500 for spay/neuter vouchers.

It started when a generous local family, concerned about local animal welfare, donated $500 to the Park County Animal Hospital in Fairplay, to be used exclusively for veterinary assistance for local animals.  Kerry Madole, DVM,  founder and former owner of PCAH, initiated the “Good Samaritan Fund” which later came to be known as the “South Park Good Samaritan Fund for Animals”.  Many changes in South Park have taken place since 2004, including a change in ownership of PCAH.  Jeremy Ickes, DVM, has become the new owner and manager and continues to work with and support the “Good Samaritan Fund”, along with Jamie Fiege, DVM. Amy Mason, DVM, provides veterinary treatment in the Guffey, CO, area.  South Park is very fortunate to have excellent veterinary care.